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[FIXED] Bockknight's Staff Application


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Discord Nickname: Grimnir
Discord UserID: 744746897171808328

Steam Name: bockknight
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:167646267

Age: 19
Time Zone: Central Standard Time [CST]

Hours per Week: Activity hours per week can vary from 10+ to 25+ depending on the week and home life. [College]

New/Old Member: I am new to the community, joining the Discord on October 22, 2023. Invited by Lancaster.


Tyler: Why should we pick you over other candidates?
Well, to put it bluntly, as one of my friends states a bit too much, I know that I am not the most qualified for these types of positions due to there being a large number of people who are more than likely better at it than I. However, I do wish to help aid in the setting of the foundation of staff quota and perspective towards the large number of incoming players upon the server release. As stated previously in the application, I am very new to this community and style of gameplay. As far as I can tell and have not been told otherwise in previous staff positions, I have remained a calm tone of sense and have adapted to situations for either resolving or improvement upon specific ideas or conflicts whether than is additions to servers or just how people are viewing the team and what needs to be changed. I enjoy letting people have their opinions and talking to staff members about how things can be improved for their gameplay (within reason, to prevent one sided gameplay). I have much to learn if I do get this position in regards to the Dungeons & Dragons aspect and standards as well as getting to know the community and I am willing to put in that time.

Tyler: Why do you want to become a staff member of Deathstar Gaming?
The goal of being a staff member here will allow me to have a further understanding of Dungeons & Dragons works and getting to socialize and be familiar with the types of players here on Deathstar Gaming. As mentioned in the previous question, I do wish to help in the setting of the foundation of the staff hierarchy and community view of it. Those crucial moments in the beginning where there is confusion can be the most challenging and that is where I wish to be able to step in and aid in those challenging times and letting community members recognize that the team, the staff team, is willing to dedicate their time to aid others who are struggling or new to the experience. I too will be learning by myself.

Tyler: Detail your previous staff experience(s):
Well this might take a brief moment...

  • Applied and accepted as an IFN Staff member back in December of 2021. I left that position as a Moderator due to the favoritism and abuse within the chain of command in staff at the time. I have made no attempt to retry there. Left their community during this summer of 2023.

  • Aided in the Development as Manager/Developer of many small servers after IFN. Majority of the time, I was in the high leadership positions and dedicated time to keep the servers up-to-date. All of these servers have shutdown.

    • Last Legion CWRP [Developer -> Head-Dev]

    • Outer Rim CWRP/IRP [Developer]

    • Frontlines MRP [Developer]

    • Kraken HaloRP/CWRP/Mandalorian RP/IRP [Developer -> Manager]

Tyler: What can you offer that makes you stand out?
I can offer a gold coin! Just kidding, I am quite broke at the time being. In other views, I am able to offer that I am able to listen to all aspects of a situation or any discussion and provide the best solution or response to. Using my previous involvements from servers to aid in leadership or development of specific positions here on Deathstar Gaming. Using previous Garry's Mod knowledge to help aid in gameplay and involvement of the community. I have been told that I am good at remaining calm under stressful situations or staff meetings and people appreciate that I listen to all sides of a story before making a final decision.

Tyler: Our staff team is divided into teams, do you work well in teams?
No more going rogue? Finally! I prefer working in teams for projects or just in general. For the majority of my past experiences, I started off in a team but eventually the other members either left or gave up on assisting in situations and I ended up working individually. I enjoy there being a dispersion of work handed out so it is not a heavy workload for a single individual. If others need help, I'll gladly take time out of the way and provide assistance if I am able to.

Tyler: Are you familiar with the server setup and complexities?
To be blunt... I have gone over all the announcements within the Discord and have a somewhat familiar mindset but it is difficult to grasp the full context without seeing it in action and playing with it in the game itself. "A hands-on experience" is how I best learn something new and having continuous work with it to understand the full complexity of it.

Tyler: Why is abusing administration rights, in terms of spawning items and money, seen wrongful?
ULTIMATE POWER!!! Just kidding, maybe. (I am joking). It is viewed wrongly because it is unjust for players and those who do have these administrative powers should use those powers not to spawn items and money, but to help the community and resolve and issues within the community. If any administrative person is found abusing their power for self-gain or for other's own benefit, they should be removed from their position and reprimanded for their actions. If they fell that they were wrongly punished, the would need to submit a ticket or appeal containing information of evidence of their side of things.

Tyler: Why is abusing administration rights in terms of nepotism bad?
Maybe I can get away with making my friend a staff member and give him anything he needs, I mean who would even know? Quite literally everyone. I mean, how can you even consider doing this? If any member of administration is willing to consider this idea and proceeds to do it should immediately be removed from their position. Even if their "friend" or "companion" is good at what they can do, they too should be punished for allowing it to happen. Administration should NEVER allow this to happen and if it does, punishment will ensue to the persons involved.

Tyler: Detail your experience with Dungeons & Dragons:
I have little to no experience with the concept of Dungeons & Dragons. I have attempted to join sessions hosted by friends but there has always been an issue with times and any falling outs that occurred. As mentioned previously, I am willing to dive in to research and figuring out how the gameplay works and what actions should be taken for specific circumstances. In the end, I may need help and hands-on interactions to gain a full idea of the concept.

Tyler: Do you have an understanding of SW5E, which is required?
I have not worked with SW5E. I may have used the site once to create a character sheet for one of my previous attempts at a session with friends but it fell through. As mentioned prior, I am willing to spend time, when available, to browse and grasp the concept of what it is and how it works towards the server.

Tyler: Do you understand that this job will be difficult and demanding at times?
bockknight: Nah I can just make someone else do my work. If it is not difficult, then I am doing something wrong. I do fully understand that there will be stressful moments during the gameplay and position as Staff but if there is a moment where I am completely lost, I will reach out to other staff members and ask for aid in the situation if I do not understand it. I am not afraid to ask for help when needed but I do want to be there for others when they require assistance. In and out of the game.

Tyler: What is the purpose of a staff member, outside of punishment?
To mess around and not care for others when I am busy with other things. Very much wrong. Staff members are to dedicate time to help spectate and aid in the gameplay of others if requested. Outside of punishment, members of administration are to supervise and ensure that the gameplay is running smooth without any interruptions or conflictions. If the gameplay is running smooth, spend some time and play for yourself until you are requested by members of the community or other administration. Don't forget about the Discord! Staff members are also responsible to monitor and moderate the Discord to ensure proper communication is being relayed and there is no infractions to the Terms of Service or rules set in place by Upper Management.

Tyler: Explain your conflict resolution experience:
bockknight: I just left the situation without any resolution. Didn't seem interesting. If I ever did that, I'd much rather resign and punish myself. Mention a few times previously, having all sides of the conflict is vital to the final decision made by administration. I have a tendency of doing so and having witnesses to the issue at hand. I ensure that the conflict is met with proper judgement and punishment (depending on type of conflict). If there is any issue to said resolution, I would contact a second administration member to aid so I am not seeming biased with previous statements. Having a second administration (if available) to aid in situations if the most preferable way I am able to have proper resolution so that they may agree with my final decision in the matter.

Tyler: What is the most important job of a staff member?
Oh this is a job position? Thought it was just a title. The most important job for administration in my point of view is to ensure that the community is satisfied with what is provided during gameplay and outside of gameplay (Discord/TeamSpeak). To ensure that proper judgment and punishment is handed out accordingly. That every member is to be treated with respect even if their opinion or statement is wrong. Listen to all that is said and make an accurate and just decision.

Tyler: Why does Deathstar Gaming punish administrators who break rules far more severely compared to regular users who break the same or similar rules?
Upon apply as administration, these members ensure that they have read the rules and are willing to enforce these rules to members of the community including themselves if needed. If they are found breaking the rules, in which they swore upon when submitting an application, they should be handed a more severe punishment than regular members due to the fact that they were supposed to PROTECT and ENFORCE those rules. They went against their oath and own statements provided in an application.  If it was an honest mistake by the administrative member, there should be a smaller punishment but if it is knowingly done with no resolve, severe punishment shall be handed to them.


Tyler: By submitting this application, you are agreeing to abide by our server's rules and uphold the principles of fairness and integrity. If you were to become a staff member, do you promise to act with professionalism and dedication?

I swear my oath to Deathstar Gaming to act in a professional manner and with dedication to the community.

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"I left that position as a Moderator due to the favoritism and abuse within the chain of command in staff at the time"
I am glad you see the corruption for what it is, most people think it's okay - you actually abandoned post for it. I hope you noticed how the application was structured, It's designed to make the staff member have no excuse for their abuse as the most common abuses a member of staff can do are answered for above on why it's bad. That way in the future I can reference their own words and levy their knowledge against them for when they try to weasel out of being in trouble. I hate corruption at all levels.

There's also a funny you did, all of your jokes are in yellow, your acceptance of the promise is also in yellow. 😅

I will forward this to the appropriate people, if we all agree you fit the team then we will move forward with a verbal interview.

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