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Why is my application pending?


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How are applications reviewed?

  1. Management reads the application thoroughly.
  2. Management allows the application to proceed and sets it to PENDING.
  3. During larger recruitment drives, applications may be put in limbo to gather a large amount of applicants.
  4. Management coordinates the staff team to review the application and submit comments.
  5. If the application passes the review process, then questions are collected for the interview.
  6. A verbal interview is scheduled and recorded.
  7. Staff reconvene for a second review process where involved staff members submit their comments again.
  8. Based on the findings, a final verdict is decided.
  9. You are notified of the final verdict.

So it may seem at times that applications aren't moving - that is only true if there is a lack of need for new staff members, but in most cases, while apps are open, they are actively being pushed forwards - it's just a slow process, as there is no room for failure as we must get the choice right every single time.

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