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Marlowes/Bruce's Staff Application


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Personal Information:

  • Discord Nick Name: Marlowe
  • Discord UserID :_marlowe_
  • Steam Name:Liberty Prime
  • SteamID:STEAM_0:1:530916421
  • Age:21
  • Time Zone: CST, But I normally am on later in the night
  • How long can you play during the week? Around 20-30 a week, This is The estimate on the lower end, Since as of now it is around 45hours a week
  • How long have you been in Tyler's Communities? Shortley Before the start of this current server
  • Do you have a working microphone? Yes, But I prefer not to use it.


Why should we pick you over other candidates?
I should be Picked over other candidates because:

1. I have a Stake in this community with both of my lives being either Important (Storm Marshall) or Semi Important (Dark Trooper)

2. I have been Staff on quite a few servers So I have the ability to already know what I am doing

3. I am an experienced Dungeon Master So if someone has a problem with DND rules, I should be able to help them, I could also settle any rule problems people have with the Fifth Edition Rules.

Why do you want to become a staff member of Deathstar Gaming?
I wish to become a staff member so that I may help the current staff out. If I am able to become a member of staff I will focus more on the Dungeon Master Part of the DND server, Such as responding to admin tickets about breaking into the armory. I shall also Do my best to resolve any problems people may have, no matter how stupid.

Detail your previous staff experience:
My Previous Staff Experiences have been mostly  as a Gamemaster on Other Servers, such as, Cinematic, Blackwater, Sentinel Networks, Evoress Networks and Finally Winter Networks are all Servers that I have been Gamemaster on Before. I am almost 100% sure that I am missing a few but I  don't have the best of memory or it has been quite a while. Not all of the servers I have been staff on has been Star wars RP, but I would say that them not all being star wars RP shall let me have a different perspective on RP, and will allow me to try to teach others that not all RP has to be combat based.


What can you offer that makes you stand out?
I can Offer Experience not only as a Gamemaster on star Wars Servers, but also as an experienced DM for Dungeons and dragons Fifth Edition, I have also Ran a bit of SW5E Before as well.

With my Experience as a DM for Fifth Edition I will have the ability to settle and rule problems that people have when doing DND RP.


Our staff team is divided into teams, do you work well in teams?
I would say I work the Best in A team, Since responsibilities can be divided accordingly.


Are you familiar with the server setup and complexities?
I am quite familiar with the server Setup, It is a DND Fifth Edition Server Based on SW5E, That hopes to be Accurate to The vision of Star Wars.

Why is abusing administration rights in terms of spawning items and money bad?
Abusing Admin powers for spawning items and money is bad because not only does it erode the trust that users have in the administrators, it also will give admins an unfair advantage over regular users

Why is abusing administration rights in terms of nepotism bad?
Nepotism will lead to the server being dominated by a close friend group and will make those with actual potential be passed over for promotion/ being punished in unfair circumstances.

Detail your experience with Dungeons & Dragons:
I semi regularly play Dungeons and dragons with Friends every weekend, I also have been the Dungeon Master of Quite a few campaigns.

Do you have an understanding of SW5E which is required?

Yes I would say I do


Do you understand that this job will be difficult & demanding at times?
I understand that the position of Admin may be difficult and demanding. I also understand that the work required of me May get in the way of my own Roleplay and I fully accept that.


What is the purpose of a staff member, outside of punishment?
The Purpose of a staff member is multifold:
1. Staff Members should be players that new ones can look up to

2. Staff members should follow the Rules at all times

3. Staff members should help new players and seek to drive up Roleplay of others.


Explain your conflict resolution experience:
My conflict Resolution Experience Is mostly limited to people who refuse to RP in events, I have mostly resolved these by making it so that those who wish to only Fight, Have something else to do during downtime and passive RP Periods, In the case of this server that would be Doing the Proper Roleplay to get A Simulation set up so that others may fight in it


What is the most important job of a staff member?
The most important Job of a staff member is to ensure that Players are having fun. I believe this to be the case because if the normal player is not enjoying themselves then it can be indictive of a problem, whether it be someone breaking the rules, or something simple as no Roleplay happening.


Why does Deathstar Gaming punish administrators who break rules far more severely when compared to regular users who break the same rule?
Administrators are expected to know and uphold the rules so if a staff member breaks it, it is seen as a much worse offense. 


By submitting this application, you agree to abide by our server's rules and uphold the principles of fairness and integrity. If you were to become a staff member, do you promise to act with professionalism and dedication?

Yes I do

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