Holy's Staff Application


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Personal Information:

  • Discord Nick Name: TheHoly999s
  • Discord UserID: mr999s
  • Steam Name: TheHoly999s
  • SteamID: STEAM_0:0:241416137
  • Age: 22
  • Time Zone: GMT
  • How long can you play during the week? Up to 24 hours
  • How long have you been in Tyler's Communities? Since the announcement about Deathstar Gaming on creating a D&D server
  • Do you have a working microphone? I do indeed


Why should we pick you over other candidates?
I have some experience with being a staff member and helping out but not a lot like experience like most people do, I just wish to do the job and help grow the community bigger with helping out the staff that we currently and have also helping out my branch or other branching with staff issues they might be having. If anyone has any questions on the matter with the server or is in a helpless situation, I wish to help out the best I can. Like I said before I haven't gotten much experience with staffing as most have but I can learn and get to a point that I can help new staff members out with the way I have been taught.

Why do you want to become a staff member of Deathstar Gaming?
I wish to help out the current staff member we have and also be able to help out with anything that is needed for the community itself. E.g. Ranks, putting people into factions, sorting out titles and name if needed to be done. Pull those that need to be pulled away from a scene that are causing issue and telling them to not. Anything to be apart of the community.

Detail your previous staff experience:
I don't have much staffing experience, I was Gamemaster a lot and one time a Community Manager but with staff stuff I did not many so not a lot of experience however I can learn and grow that experience.


What can you offer that makes you stand out?
I guess it would be a wiliness to learn and trying to keep everyone happy with a situation that needs sorting.


Our staff team is divided into teams, do you work well in teams?
Yes I can always do something while another is sorting out an issue, I do a lot of team working so it will be fun


Are you familiar with the server setup and complexities?
Yes, I am familiar with how the server is setup and how everything is ran on it as I looked through and helped with making sure the stormtrooper did the orders and moved to help Tyler out.

Why is abusing administration rights in terms of spawning items and money bad?
Because it can be classed as cheating your way to better stuff, and it something that no staff member should be doing even with their friends on the server.

Why is abusing administration rights in terms of nepotism bad?
It shouldn't be done, everyone that works hard for ranks shouldn't be pushed to one side for a friend to be up higher with you.

Detail your experience with Dungeons & Dragons:
I have been playing Dungeons & Dragons since the 1st Edition, growing and learning the new systems when they come out or have been released.

Do you have an understanding of SW5E which is required? Yes I do under the sw5e, I have read the site multiple times with learning everything


Do you understand that this job will be difficult & demanding at times?
Yes, I understand that


What is the purpose of a staff member, outside of punishment?
To help the community and dealing with those that don't want to be apart of it. They help with questions and help with people that are in difficult situations like being stuck in the wall or door.


Explain your conflict resolution experience:
I would sit them down in a quiet room away from everyone else in an IC situation then, will close off the area and change it to an OOC situation to explain the story of both parties and come to an agreeable solution for them both to be happy then call it there with going back in IC 


What is the most important job of a staff member?
Taking tickets and helping out with any problems that arises in the server


Why does Deathstar Gaming punish administrators who break rules far more severely when compared to regular users who break the same rule?
Because administrators should know better than regular users and also can get a bigger punishment of losing their rank within staff.


By submitting this application, you agree to abide by our server's rules and uphold the principles of fairness and integrity. If you were to become a staff member, do you promise to act with professionalism and dedication?

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