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General Rules

  1. If it's not written, it's not a rule.
  2. Deathmatch is not allowed, you need a valid reason to attack someone.
  3. Roleplay matters more than combat, always.
  4. You may not discriminate based on unchangable characteristics such as race, eye color, hair color, etc.
  5. You may not meta game or use knowledge outside of your characters scope of existence.
  6. You may not transfer items, money, gear, knowledge or anything to any other characters of yours, even by proxy.
  7. No promotions outside of STAFF INTERVENTION may exceed more than one rank per day.
  8. You must follow SW5E and D&D guidelines when playing this server.
  9. You may not transfer knowledge between characters that you play by any means.
  10. You may not actively disrespect the staff team, community or gamemode.
  11. You may not discuss IC matters in OOC, Discord, or anywhere outside of the game & forums.
  12. You may not discuss OOC matters in IC.
  13. Erotic roleplay will result in a permanent ban.
  14. You may not exceed O-3 on more than one character unless a Super Admin or higher has given you written permission.
  15. All communications for your character, including requests for backup must be made ON-SERVER. Not discord calls.
    1. You may send mundane, non-roleplay impacting communications to people through discord, voice chats, and etc. such as "Hey, are you in game? I need to talk to you" and "Can we meet in game real quick, I'm in my office." So long as you are not doing so to entice others to join an active rp situation such as but not limited to, you being captured, held hostage or to capture that person for any reason.
  16. You may not fail to commit to roleplay, even if you're losing - Don't be salty just because you are losing.
  17. Spamming, annoying behavior and abuse of systems is not allowed.
  18. Exploiting, hacking, etc. will result in a permanent ban.
  19. Fear Roleplay is not enforced by numbers, rather roleplay. Try intimidation. No character is immune, even droids.
  20. Any form of child exploitation material will be forwarded to your local authorities.
  21. You may not jail a player for more than 10 minutes without active roleplay occuring.
    1. Their in cell sentence may not exceed 10 minutes, walking them to the cell, interrogation, etc does not count towards this time limitation.
  22. You may not self promote, or trade promotions with another player.
  23. Your character must not be offensive, rude or otherwise in name, description or likewise.
  24. You may not ram with vehicles on purpose.
    1. You must make an attempt to avoid running over players or colliding with other vehicles.
      1. If players are intentionally trying to block your vehicle you may proceed forward while attempting to move around them.
  25. Custom Factions, Imperials, Crime Organizations and Organized Rebels may control planets, only.
  26. Planetary wars are to occur by staff announcement.
    1. Each Planet may be warred over once per day.
  27. You may not intentionally ruin someones experience.
  28. You may not permakill or name kill without valid reasoning.
    1. Valid reasons include
      1. You have been assaulted by the individual that would cause grave bodily harm or death.
      2. You have been threatened by the individual that implied grave bodily harm or death is IMMINENT.
      3. Officers O-4 and greater of the Empire may commit summary executions of soldiers in their regiment if that soldier has displayed a repeated pattern of unwillingness to be cooperative or otherwise combative.
      4. You have been threatened with, or convicted of a prison sentence that is 25 years or greater.
        1. You may only target the accusing party and judge, NOT the entire empire.
    2. Staff must approve of all Name & Perma kills.
  29. Staff have the final say in all matters.
  30. You may not roll stack or compound rolls sequentially.
    1. If you are in a squad of three storm troopers, and your prisoner attempts to perform an action - say escape the cuffs, then only one person may attempt to stop them.
    2. You may not repeat actions for the same outcome with the same manner of action. If you failed, you failed.
  31. Drug systems may not be legalized by any entity, government or group.
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