Appoinment of The Speaker of The Senate: A. Prox


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Imperial Government

Office of the Chairman


Classified Document: Public


Date: [1. 8. 15BBY]

Issued By: Senate Director Luceaous Gray

Recipient: A. Prox

Senate Appointment Under the Authority of The Senate Director

I, Senate Director Luceaous Gray, acting on behalf of the Galactic Empire, hereby appoint A. Prox to hold the official title of Speaker of the Senate. A. Prox will serve as the Speaker of the Imperial Senate, directly representing and reporting to The Senate Director. This appointment is essential to ensure the efficient and effective governance of the Imperial Senate in alignment with the directives of The Senate Director.

Authority Definitions

The primary role and responsibility of Speaker A. Prox shall center on impartially reading and presenting new laws and legislative proposals to the Senate without bias, facilitating fair and transparent deliberations.

Impartial Presentation of New Laws: Speaker A. Prox is entrusted with the duty to read and present new laws, legislative proposals, and amendments to the Senate without introducing personal bias or influence, ensuring fair and unbiased dissemination of information.

Procedural Guidance: In addition to impartial presentation, Speaker A. Prox will provide procedural guidance, ensuring the orderly and fair discussion of new laws within the Senate, adhering strictly to established parliamentary procedures.

Non-partisan Oversight: Speaker A. Prox shall maintain a non-partisan stance, refraining from personal or political biases, while providing oversight during the legislative process, allowing for informed, objective, and impartial discussions.

Privileges and Responsibilities

Access and Clearance: Speaker A. Prox shall possess the necessary clearance to access classified documents marked with a classification level of "Top Secret" within the Senate's sphere of authority under the guidance of The Senate Director.

Briefings and Coordination: Regular briefings will be provided to Speaker A. Prox regarding critical matters affecting the Empire, ensuring alignment with The Senate Director's objectives, particularly in matters concerning legislative processes.

Security Protocols

Speaker A. Prox is expected to strictly adhere to security protocols, ensuring the confidentiality of classified information and preventing unauthorized access or disclosure. Any breach of these protocols will result in immediate consequences as determined by The Senate Director.


Clearance and appointment as Speaker of the Senate will be subject to periodic reviews and evaluations to ensure continued trustworthiness, impartiality, and adherence to security protocols under The Senate Director's authority.

Senate Director Luceaous Gray
Imperial Senate

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