Stormtrooper Pauldron and Name Mandate


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Imperial Executive Order

Major TK-45330

1. 5. 15 BBY

ST Mandates for the ST, Scouts, Shock, and 501st

Due to currents orders being Misunderstood I will be taking command in place of The Previous Storm-Marshall. Under is a set of basic guidlines that all ST units are to follow.

Your names are meant to stay classified to all but the Higher Command all troopers from here on will be Disciplined for ditching their numbers all TK units will use 


Please adhere.

All Units will also now be required to Follow pauldron mandate
Enlisted - Shinies

SL+/CPL+ - Black

SGT+  - Black/White overlay

CWO - Full White

Sub Officer+ - Gray/blue

CPT+ - Yellow

LTC+ - Orange

Storm Marshall - Red

Please Adhere


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