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Personal Information:

Discord Nick Name:

Boost | boost_


Discord UserID:



Steam Name:









Time Zone:



How long can you play during the week?

It really depends on the day/time, but I can usually be on 4-6 hours.

How long have you been in Tyler's Communities?

I joined back when I was first invited, July 21st.


Do you have a working microphone?



Why should we pick you over other candidates?
Usually answering this question makes me sound like a broken record but its probably because 99% of the time its a simple answer that just makes common sense. Now writing this whilst listening to some Tame Impala I can give some maybe repetitive answers. 


I have maybe too much experience within the moderation sphere of gmod, ranging from the low to straight up owning with most servers I’ve consistently played, with each time having a similar approach, having generally friendly and straightforward conversations with the multitude of people on each server; I can give a straight opinion that some may not like but is needed and at the same time help explain why I may see it a certain way, which could also be related to the facts at that time. This along with my general idea is if you’re generally a dick and a consistant problem for others then you should be expected to get called out on it, it really is simple as that.


And I hope I can bring my thoroughness to the table aswell, usually when I can spot something out of the ordinary or just straight up wrong, I usually question why and have to figure out why.

Why do you want to become a staff member of Deathstar Gaming?
First being invited into the discord and witnessing the vast ambitions of the community and dev team and then providing examples for such feats, simply put got me hyped. Seeing it and then knowing they could provide a genuine Star Wars experience in a DnD format is something I haven't seen in gmod in a long time, especially this being my first ever gamemode. Now along with all of that seeing the staff team is going to be minimized and genuinely tight knit got me excited; through these years I've seen a vast majority of staff abuse, destroy, and taint certain communities, and being apart of one who wants to see a better server is honestly quite refreshing for once in this very very toxic game. 

Detail your previous staff experience:
Now over the last 7 years its been vast but I’ll provide a couple I can even remember. 


Lazarus Gaming SWRP; Admin


Excel Servers SWRP; Server Manager


Revival SCPRP; Senior Admin/Gamemaster


Gaminglight PoliceRP; Admin


Hylics Networks MafiaRP; Moderator


New Light Gaming SCPRP; Moderator


Tamewater SWRP; Moderator


DHG SWRP; Moderator


Now I don’t know if this will count but have been staff on a Squad Sever; Fused Legions, which was for a couple months a while back.


What can you offer that makes you stand out?
Without trying to state what I said before, I’ve been staff numerous time on this game that I’ve spent way too many hours on and such will continue to do so and hopefully so in a new light with a new community of SWRP members who are sick of the repetitive nature of the gamemode with owners who see it as a cash grab with mediocre aspects that every server has which for some reason has kept people engaged. 


Albeit with this knowledge and experience I’ve gained through ups and down of this game, I can remain as unbiased and neutral as one can be, I genuinely look at aspects into any argument and attempt to look at the other perspective as crazy it may sound which gives me some advantage over others who may see it one way which is their way. And in the end it usually isnt cut and dry as I want it to be so I can also provide my ability to compromise; sometimes each party could be in the wrong which in my eyes may need to lead to a level of compromise instead of punishment because honestly handing out punishments left and right isnt always the answer that we may want. 


And lastly, something I’d like to pride myself on even if it may sound weird is my ability to admit where I’m wrong, it may sound cliché but it really is the only way one can additionally learn in my eyes, so I’ve tried my best to adopt that nature, and if I am wrong, I hope to get called out on it in some degree.


Our staff team is divided into teams, do you work well in teams?
Using an actually life example here, with my work I have to constantly work with my manager to gain an understanding of how to go after the next task, now with it being laid back and generally self-taught aswell, I can accomplish said tasks by myself; so what I'm trying to state is yes, I can work well with teams, especially in the field I wish to go into.


Are you familiar with the server setup and complexities?
Now with my current information of the server and with the examples of the server I can accurately say it’ll be a complex system with large moving parts, and with the staff team on the forefront of it all, I can accurately guess that it’ll be of utmost importance for each part to flow accordingly. Now that being said, I can understand the basics such as the DnD aspect and each server being a different RP experience.

Why is abusing administration rights in terms of spawning items and money bad?
Now I feel like I can provide a simple yet needed answer for multiple people; it ruins the RP for many. Constantly spawning items and money can ruin an economy which can ruin the low level aspects of the community which will then deter others who will then realize under all that fancy assets that its just another gmod server where people can get away with anything cause the owner/management don’t care of the ordinary player. And honestly it isnt fun to be engaged by a member who destroys all of you’re progress when it took them a single button click to do so, meaning there is no profit to even engage with others, thus leading people to evade people and the server even more.

Why is abusing administration rights in terms of nepotism bad?
I feel like I answered this in the previous question, but ultimately instead of you committing the action solely, you’re now giving an advantage to you’re friends which they could be apart of a group or faction which then leads to a multitude of problems. Along with the favoritism that gmod communities are plagued with, its one thing to be friends with people but its another to chose them to then fuck over others which in a atmosphere like this is simply disheartening and a dick move.

Detail your experience with Dungeons & Dragons:

Personally I don’t have a very extensive history with DnD but I have got the grasp of it all. From playing campaigns with BranX and a couple friends, playing various different atmospheres. And just recently playing Baldur’s Gate along with them aswell. 

Do you have an understanding of SW5E which is required?


Now with these campaigns I had to extensively read the rules with Branx, but I haven’t seen to much of it. With this information and server I’ll definitely be looking into more information and how the ruleset changes into the Star Wars Universe


Do you understand that this job will be difficult & demanding at times?
Albeit with it being a small staff team and with the complexity of the server I believe it was going to be, however I do understand. 


What is the purpose of a staff member, outside of punishment?
To me staff outside of punishment is a job to engage with the community and hold a standard for the multitude of people within. This could inhabit the practice of being active on the forums/discord providing general ideas, giving general directions and an idea how the server works for new players to help keep them engaged, and provide an experience that players will enjoy and come back for. 


Explain your conflict resolution experience:
To me it really depends on the situation, they vary so often and usually brings a new experience, which will be more prevalent on this server for a decent amount of people.


However I can provide a couple examples that could suffice. 


For a general interaction you’ll always have to use the information/evidence you’re given from the playerbase and cross-reference any information/evidence you can with any type of logs you have. Now with this information and the severity of the infraction depends on you’re response which can also vary vastly but from the ticket to ticket interactions it shouldn't be the most difficult decision making process, and with all that you try to infract properly to provide some level of fairness but also a level of understanding. Which if there is any misunderstanding on any part, I can thoroughly provide any information that is needed to both parties and sit down and explain my reasoning for such infraction or for such action that is taken.


Going back to what I said earlier, it also can come to a prompt stalemate with each party, its a he said she said situation, where no proper information is provided or can be seen. To me you can come to several levels of compromise for each party, from each party dropping everything altogether, to each party getting some level of compensation back; or maybe each party gets a new understanding of the rules and can see why something like that may happen which could lead to the report being dropped. 


It really on depends on situation to situation, things change, rules are created, rules are misunderstood, and loopholes can be created. Ultimately its up to interpretation and fairness to some degree between players.


It can also be avoided if there is some level of recording rule for certain interactions.


What is the most important job of a staff member?
Combining everything together from this application I would have to say is being the forefront of the community and upholding yourself to the standard set, providing a fun and enjoyable experience for the players. This definitely can include the infraction parts but its to mainly keep a level of fairness because honestly who likes playing a unfair experience? 


Why does Deathstar Gaming punish administrators who break rules far more severely when compared to regular users who break the same rule?
Can be a couple aspects to this, but mainly to me is the amount of staff and the standard. You’ve kept the staff team small to provide an adequate experience and know that they’re apart of a certain level of quality, if this quality is broken it shows that the staff team can be open to this level of corruption which will keep members questioning if there is even a reason to continue since the staff are apart of screwing with the server. 


Can also be a simple aspect of supply and demand, you have a small quality staff team who make up for the hundred of staff teams that are large and frankly shitty and if the small staff team abuses said power then it comes with large punishments. 


By submitting this application, you agree to abide by our server's rules and uphold the principles of fairness and integrity. If you were to become a staff member, do you promise to act with professionalism and dedication?

Yes I do.

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The level of experience Boost brings is impressive. I have been working with him in the ISB for some time now, and from what I can see,.

On 10/24/2023 at 9:57 PM, Boost said:

And lastly, something I’d like to pride myself on even if it may sound weird is my ability to admit where I’m wrong, it may sound cliché but it really is the only way one can additionally learn in my eyes, so I’ve tried my best to adopt that nature, and if I am wrong, I hope to get called out on it in some degree.

The ability to admit being wrong is something to be definitely noted, especially in an environment like GMOD administration, where that can sometimes be hard to find. 

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