Dodge's Staff Application


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Personal Information:

  • Discord Nick Name: Director Orson Krennic
  • Discord UserID: dodge#9355
  • Steam Name: Dodge
  • SteamID: STEAM_0:0:189451012
  • Age: 22
  • Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time
  • How long can you play during the week? I can play every day of the week after 3 pm and Friday and Saturday's I can play anytime.
  • How long have you been in Tyler's Communities? I joined the community on October 18th, 2023.
  • Do you have a working microphone? Yes, I do have a working microphone.


Why should we pick you over other candidates?

Why should you pick me over other candidates? I am a well-seasoned and well-experienced staff member holding countless titles in numerous communities. I am respectful of all my fellow players and staff members, understanding that everyone will make mistakes including myself. Nobody can be perfect although I try to be. I am a very empathetic person, typically caring more for others within the community than myself and knowing that everyone just wants to have a fun and relaxing time enjoying a game. I am a very honest individual, this trait was picked up with my current job due to report writing which requires me to be honest about events and how they turn out to provide everyone with the true aspects of the event in question. I will say even with writing reports almost daily I am not the best with grammar for I am no Shakespeare, I perform my duties to the best of my ability at all times knowing it can have an impact on how others feel about myself and the community. I am a very well-rounded person with countless traits in my personality most of which are good however I am not perfect and nor will I ever be perfect.

Why do you want to become a staff member of Deathstar Gaming?

I would like to be a staff member of Deathstar Gaming because I hope to be with this community for a long period of time. I have found a community that I like, and I always say and have a sole purpose and that is to help this community grow and succeed. I want to help the hundreds of people within this community stay interested in the community and come back to play more and more. I furthermore want to help people in this community with issues they might be having to resolve the issues as fast and efficiently as possible. I want to be one of the faces people of this community can count on to be there not just to help as a staff member but as a friend when needed. I am driven for improvement in all my aspects plus the overall improvement of a community I can help change and make better day to day.


Detail your previous staff experience:

I have over 5,600 hours in Garry's Mod, well over 3,500 hours of that as a staff member for several communities. I was formerly the Community Manager for over 1 year for Goliad Gaming Revolutionary RP before it was shut down. I held the rank of Senior Admin, Head Admin, and Director of Operation for EliteAce Police RP before it shut down. I have owned over five servers from Garry's Mod to Rust and other games. I have held all ranks possible with most communities from being a Moderator to Staff Manager to some of the communities.

What can you offer that makes you stand out? I can offer the experience I have from thousands of staffing hours within communities I have gained over the years of playing Garry's Mod. I can offer a caring and passionate person who only wishes to see the server grow and thrive because I know I cannot have a job with this community if the players don't like getting on and that is my mission to ensure everyone is having a great time within this community. I can offer an honest and well-respected character who is solely in it for the people of this community and to better it where I can.

Our staff team is divided into teams, do you work well in teams?
 I do work well with others, I am a very open and friendly person who prefers to work alongside other people. I find this to be a great advantage for staff allowing us to know our teams better and the people we are working with to help improve the community. This can also provide us with additional advice on how we might handle certain situations with numerous different opinions and approaches to the situation.

Are you familiar with the server setup and complexities?

I am currently unsure of how everything is set up in the game, but I do understand most of the basics within the community. I have read through the server rules and regulations and understand those however in regard to in-game staffing I would have to see how the server is set up I am familiar with most all admin menus and commands, but I would need to see it to understand that portion of things.

Why is abusing administration rights in terms of spawning items and money bad?
Abusing administration rights to spawn items or money is bad because you are providing an unfair advantage for yourself that other players can't do. By doing this like spawning money you are taking away the value of it and can destroy the economics of the server. You are using administration permission for purposes not intended for that, you're not to spawn money or items for yourself because nobody else can and that isn't what the permissions were intended to be used for. All around this provides an unfair advantage for regular players who can't do such things.

Why is abusing administration rights in terms of nepotism bad?
I believe that as staff it is our goal to remain unbiased in these situations, it shouldn't matter if you're their friend the end game for staff is to ensure EVERYONE is having fun however I do understand that this can occur sometimes quite often. Nepotism is bad because it takes away opportunities for players who might be better suited or better placed in positions, we shouldn't take away from the players that's not our purpose as staff we are here solely for the players and to better the community however, we hinder that progress when we do stuff of this nature.

Detail your experience with Dungeons & Dragons:

I don't have the greatest understanding of dnd I personally haven't played much of it myself but as most will say, nothing I am not willing or able to learn. I would personally like to get a better understanding of dnd seeing this server uses it in certain instances that way I can perform my duties to the best of my ability.

Do you have an understanding of SW5E which is required?
I have a basic understanding of this site, I personally haven't used this site in a while, but I am aware of where most of the information is posted and the general aspects of this site. This also falls into my not having the best understanding of the dnd but I will try to figure this out for future reference and usage to give myself a better understanding and be able to perform my duties to the best of my ability.

Do you understand that this job will be difficult & demanding at times?
Yes, I do understand that this job can be demanding and difficult at times however I prefer a bit of challenge. I do better under stress, it motivates me to try harder to figure out what to do. This can also give me insight into ways I could possibly improve myself as a staff member and how to handle difficult things in the future.

What is the purpose of a staff member, outside of punishment?
As staff members, we have numerous things we need to do outside of punishments. We should be active in the discord starting discussions and chatting with the players and sometimes moderating discord chats. Being active on the forums checking applications providing insight on applications on the forums page and how to possibly improve on applications. Answering tickets from players with questions about the server gives greater detail and insight into the community and how it operates. Bringing in new members welcoming them to the community and greeting them to show a friendly atmosphere.

Explain your conflict resolution experience:
During conflicts, the best way to handle resolutions is to first bring the player who made the report against another to hear their side of what happened and attempt to determine if this situation could continue based on the evidence provided (if there is insufficient evidence you could still bring the person that the report was made against and speak with them but without proper proof of something happening not much can be done.) If there is evidence backing up the claims made by the victim, I would bring the person that the report was made against and speak with them about what had transpired and determine the punishment if any are applicable for the offense.

What is the most important job of a staff member?
The most important job for a staff member in my eyes is not banning people but working with players in the community. Helping to improve the overall mood of players and being a good representative for the community. This shows that staff members are not here just to ban people or warn players for wrongdoings but to educate them on ways they could improve upon Roleplay scenarios and help educate them better on the rules of the community.

Why does Deathstar Gaming punish administrators who break rules far more severely when compared to regular users who break the same rule?
The reason for punishing staff members more severely is because we are the representatives of the community, we are to help others understand the rules of the community, which means we should know the rules better than most members of the community. We are here to enforce the rules and ensure everyone is aware of the rules and their meaning. This can also paint a bad image if the people who are supposed to know the rules are the ones breaking them and should remain unacceptable for all staff at all times.

By submitting this application, you agree to abide by our server's rules and uphold the principles of fairness and integrity. If you were to become a staff member, do you promise to act with professionalism and dedication?

I agree and promise to act professionally and remain dedicated to the server.

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This application is rather solid. The main issues I see are, the coloration, it's a tad hard to read. I also believe you could detail your specific experience staffing a bit more, such as under conflict resolution experience. Aside from those the application is well put together and seems thought out.

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